The Adventures of Zanne

Howling Hag and Thrake's Gambling Problem
The end of this adventure

Last night Sydney and I finished with the Howling Hag encounter. We used Battle Map on the iPad, with some success, however Sydney says that she prefers to use miniatures and dungeon tiles.

The Hag was defeated, along with a Deathjump Spider and a Swarm of Rats. We found Thrake. Turns out that he owes a lot of money due to gambling problem, and he was trying to pay off this debt by running an errand for The Skull Brotherhood.

Back at Fallcrest, Zanne and Lydia spoke. They have hired another Bard for the Wedding. Zorch and Greth have returned to their posts in the town guard.

Now, on to the next adventure!


just received The Shadowfell: Gloomwrought and Beyond today from Amazon. Looks ver cool, but kind of wish that the book was a hard back. It’s interesting to have the Despair Cards…I wish there were more Magic The Gathering quality cards for D&D. Will have fun flipping through this, and perhaps using some of the info in a future campaign.

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